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Harry Potter: The Second Generation { RPG }
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A role-playing game based on the second generation of Harry Potter.

Harry Potter: The Second Generation

With the threat of Voldemort long gone, Hogwarts' next generation is growing up in a more permissive society. Some of the kids are taking this to heart and playing a record amount of pranks at school, and some are using the newfound freedom to simply be themselves.

Nevertheless, wizarding society is quite different now than it was during the second war against Voldemort. The children of Order veterans are finding themselves with untold liberties and rewards, while children of Dark Lord supporters are finding themselves limited and atoning for the sins of their fathers.

Here are their journals, charmed to encourage interaction between students of all houses and years, as well as between their families and teachers. As the weeks progress, they are all bound to encounter times of happiness, sadness, love, and hate, and somewhere in between, their true selves hidden deep within. But as a wise man once said, "It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."

Welcome to the beginning of a new era.

1. No fighting. If you have a problem with another player, please contact a moderator so the situation can be resolved reasonably.

2. No bashing. Again, personal fights between the players taken out through the characters will not be appreciated.

3. Maturity is a must. There are no age restrictions if you believe you can handle mature themes, but please comply with LiveJournal's Terms of Service.

4. Posting frequently is necessary for the game to run smoothly. Once a week is the minimum posting amount. If no posts are made within two weeks with no contact to a moderator, the account will be removed or given to a new person.

5. To allow the above to happen, we are asking that all members give the moderator their character journals' passwords. The passwords will not be used in any way except to change players when necessary. (This does not apply to original characters.)

6. Netspeak will not be tolerated. Correct spelling and grammar are preferred. Entries should be written in the first person, as you are writing from the character's point of view. Private entries whould be under a cut labeled Private and private entries to a certain character, under Private to [insert name here].

7. Roleplaying should be done in the third person and with proper spelling and grammar. Finished RP logs should be posted in the community along with:
• the date the roleplayed events occurred;
• the rating (NC-17 posts need to be clearly marked as such);
• the characters involved;
• a brief summary.
Please also remember to tag your entry with 'log' and the names of the characters involved (ex. albus potter, scorpius malfoy, rubeus hagrid).

8. All types of relationships, including slash and het, are welcome here, but please stick to your character description. Also, if you have a dislike for one or more of the pairings that occur during the RPG, please discuss it with a moderator. While you are allowed to express your opinion, extreme ship bashing will not be permitted.

9. Do not join the community under your personal journal. You will not be accepted. We are asking that you only join the community under your character journal so that only these posts will be visible on the community's Friends page.

10. OOC or Out of Character discussion will take place in the main community, tagged as 'ooc'. As always, please remember to use proper spelling and grammar and refrain from inappropriate language. Serious issues should be taken up with the head moderator beforehand, by sending an e-mail to sira@livejournal.com.


Below is a list of known living characters and their roles or occupations in the RPG. Roles/occupations are sometimes negotiable, but usually already decided for a reason; if it's left blank, it's up for you to decide. (Since we won't be strictly based on canon, teaching positions at Hogwarts are also potential occupations. Feel free to make up your own class, as long as it's relevant.)

Most living canon characters not listed are open for application, and will be added to the list upon approval. Original Characters (OCs) will be accepted on the condition that they seem like interesting, original characters, and are not obviously Mary Sues or Gary Stus.

At the moment, you will only be permitted to play one character at a time.

Strikeouts = taken characters

Boot, AristotleThird Year
Finnigan, LeonardFourth Year
Hagrid, RubeusProfessor: COMC
Hurst, MorganFirst Year
Longbottom, NevilleProfessor: Herbology
Lovegood-Longbottom, ArtemisSecond Year
Lovegood-Longbottom, NigelFirst Year
Lupin, TedProfessor: Transfiguration
Malfoy, Astoria 
Malfoy, Draco 
Malfoy, ScorpiusFirst Year
Parkinson-Nott, MargauxSecond Year
Potter, AlbusFirst Year
Potter, Ginny 
Potter, HarryProfessor: DADA
Potter, JamesSecond Year
Potter, Lily 
Raedwolf, DureauThird Year
Smith-Weasley, MariusFirst Year
Weasley, BillCurse-Breaker
Weasley, Fleur 
Weasley, Hermione 
Weasley, Hugo 
Weasley, OscarSecond Year
Weasley, Ron 
Weasley, RoseFirst Year
Weasley, VictoireSeventh Year
Yearling, AlexandreaSecond Year

[ Cast List & Contact Information ]

Please e-mail all applications, with the subject line Application: [Character Name], to sira@livejournal.com.

Applications are not accepted solely on a first come, first served basis. We look for quality in both the characterization and the writing; should we feel that your application is not up to standard, you will be notified and able to rewrite it or apply for another character. In some cases, we may contact you via IM to ask further questions before approval or rejection.

If a field does not apply, please mark it non-applicable, or 'N/A'.


Name: (Can be nickname.)
Personal Journal:
E-mail Address:
Time Zone: (In relation to Greenwich Mean Time [GMT], such as -6 or +10. This is just so we have a vague idea of when we will be able to contact you. Click here for assistance if you do not know which time zone you reside in.)
Past RP Experience: (Not required.)
Other RPGs you are currently involved in:


Age/Year: (e.g. 17, Seventh.)
Occupation: (If any.)
Background: (Please include childhood, school years, and present day information.)
Preferred Ship(s): (Both for your characters and others, if any.)

Sample Journal Entry: (50 - 150 words.)

Sample RP: (Try to be reflective - we want an example of YOUR character. 100 - 500 words. Third person, please.)

Anything else you would like to add? (Achievements, pets, hobbies, sexuality/romantic past, etc.)

If your application is rejected, which other characters might you consider applying for?